Privacy & Cookies


We take personal privacy very seriously. To comply with Directive 2002/58/EC of the European Parliament we must make it very clear if and why we use cookies on our website.


Our site uses a content management system that allows us to provide a rich and dynamic portfolio of content for all our visitors. To enable this to work seamlessley we need to use a technology called 'internet cookies'. These cookies do not identify you personally, they are simply required in the normal operation of the website, and allow each page of the site to pass information to the next, or to remember your preferences. We do not use cookies to store your personal information nor would we ever need to.



We also use cookies to allow us to gather non-personally identifiable statistical information about how people use our site, which browser they use; Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome etc. and which country they reside in. This shows us how people navigate through our site, and allows us to carry out improvements from time to time and to make decisions about which browsers to support or whether to support more languages.


To put things into perspective, every time you visit a website, your computer stores the code and images from that site on your computer in a Temporary Internet Files folder. Cookies are stored in the very same way and are purely 'passive' in nature, much like a photograph or logo from a web page.


Our site will not function without cookies, and so, by using our website you automatically agree to allow us to store cookies on your browsing device purely so that we may operate our website normally. If you don't wish to allow us to store cookies, you can turn off cookies in your browser ( please refer to the releveant help files for your browser - be aware this will most likely stop this website functioning correctly ) or simply do not visit the site.


For more information about this change in the law, please visit the official Information Commissioners Office page here.

For a general explanation of what an HTTP Cookie is, and why they are so commonly used please see the related Wikipedia article here.