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Fiona Bennett (patient Finlay), Shotton, Deeside
Finlay didn’t sleep well from birth and would wake 6-7 times a night crying for long periods. I took him to see the osteopath at 18 months and within 6 weeks he was sleeping through the night and still is!

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Osteopathy Neck Pain


Osteopathy Postural Problems


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Osteopathy Children


Osteopathy Children


At the Osteopathic Health Centre Chester we can help you recover from a host of conditions including; low back pain, neck pain, sports injuries, arthritis and muscle spasms.

We are conveniently placed for visitors coming to us from all parts of; Cheshire, Wirral, Deeside, Flintshire, North Wales, Chester, Christleton, Tattenhall, Tarporley, Malpas, Kelsall, Helsby, Frodsham, Hawarden, Great Sutton, Ellesmere Port, Queensferry, Hawarden, Flint, Wrexham.

Musculoskeletal Conditions


Osteopathy specialises in helping to treat musculoskeletal disorders. In general, the earlier treatment is sought the less likelihood there is that a condition will become chronic or long standing.


The framework of our body has a complex role. Our muscles are designed to contract and then relax acting across the joints of our bodies to either move a joint or hold it in one position. By co-ordinating joint movement and muscle contraction we are able to walk, perform activities or even sit still. However if we maintain a posture for a long period, e.g. when at a computer, then muscles and joints can tire. Continual misuse can show itself by increased muscle tension resulting in aches and pains. Any occupation requiring prolonged or repetitive use of a particular limb or muscle group may be susceptible. Musicians, keyboard users, manual workers and certain sports people are particularly vulnerable.


Many musculoskeletal conditions can be helped by osteopathic treatment and the correct advice.


If you would like to discuss whether your musculoskeletal condition can be helped by osteopathy please telephone the practice, leave a message with our receptionist and one of the osteopaths will call you back.


Poor posture, lack of muscle tone, previous injuries and high stress levels can also contribute to symptoms developing. An osteopathic assessment takes all of these factors into account and examines the reasons why symptoms have developed.

The osteopathic approach involves designing an individually tailored treatment plan using osteopathic techniques to  help alleviate the symptoms along side advice regarding posture, usage and exercises to help prevent a re-occurrence.