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Margaret Redfern, North Wales
3 years ago I was in so much back pain after hip surgery, I took the plunge and booked my first appointment with the Osteopathic Health Centre it was the best thing I ever did...

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Osteopathy Children


At the Osteopathic Health Centre Chester we can help you recover from a host of conditions including; low back pain, neck pain, sports injuries, arthritis and muscle spasms.

We are conveniently placed for visitors coming to us from all parts of; Cheshire, Wirral, Deeside, Flintshire, North Wales, Chester, Christleton, Tattenhall, Tarporley, Malpas, Kelsall, Helsby, Frodsham, Hawarden, Great Sutton, Ellesmere Port, Queensferry, Hawarden, Flint, Wrexham.

Osteopathic Treatment for General Stiffness



A certain amount of stiffness or decreasing joint mobility does occur with age. It is unusual to come across an eighty year old who is as flexible as the average twenty year old.

Accepting some changes with age is reasonable but sometimes age is used as an excuse to put up with symptoms which may be helped with the right osteopathic advice.

At the Osteopathic Health Centre we rarely we see “general stiffness” which gives us cause for real concern.

By taking a detailed case history and asking questions specific to your problem an osteopath can assess which patients are likely to benefit from treatment and which patients need to be referred back to their GP for further investigations.



Who says what is normal? This is where we can help!

An osteopath will examine you and assess whether you are as mobile as you should be for your particular body type and age.Lack of appropriate exercise can cause joints to stiffen causing aches and pains when you try to do things. Joints benefit from gentle exercise to encourage good blood supply to the joint surfaces and to help muscles retain their strength, thus supporting and protecting the joints. Patients frequently need encouragement and guidance on appropriate exercise. It isn’t always easy to change the habits of a lifetime or believe that things can improve. Appropriate exercise varies according to your level of fitness and age.


 As a general rule of thumb most people’s joints stay reasonably well (providing that they have not been injured or placed under unreasonable strain) until the age of about thirty. After this if you would like your joints to stay fit, healthy and flexible... then exercise is generally a must !!!

The spine plays an essential part in most movements; there is hardly a movement we do that does not involve the spine in some way. Many people these days have jobs in which they sit at a computer or remain in the same position for hours on end. Staying in a fixed position requires the postural muscles to be in constant use i.e. the muscles will remain contracted and eventually will fatigue.

Muscles that remain over contracted for too long build up fibrotic tissue, which is less pliable so that over a period of time they become tight, stiff and sore.


Additionally, when we remain static the postural load may fall unevenly, placing excessive strain on one particular joint.  In practice we commonly see this happening at the base of the neck close to the shoulder blades.  In this instance the joints can become over strained and unstable causing the muscles to contract acting as a natural splint so stiffness results.  Most of these situations can benefit from appropriate osteopathic treatment, being aware of posture, changing position more frequently and structured exercise.


If you are not sure whether osteopathy will suit your problem why not call the Osteopathic Health Centre for more information.