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The Wonders of Walking
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Thursday, 01 August 2013 10:42


For some time now I’ve realised that writing a blog is something I’d like to do but have been wondering what subject to start with. It has to be something I’m interested in but which will also be informative for you, the reader. So, today, my enjoyment of walking, with its physical and emotional benefits, has presented itself as my first topic.

This morning, my sister left home for a four day walk with a rucksack and a sleeping bag to explore the canals and paths of North West England. As an artist she will be taking in the world through her keen eyes, maybe making sculptures with things she finds on her travels or writing visually painted poems on her return.

She will be experiencing the world in a mindful moment to moment way as well as using her legs as she learned to do as a toddler. Hiking in this way is challenging, exciting and ultimately an adventure and a possible metaphor for life...


I’m fortunate to be able to walk to work and although it isn’t particularly interesting to walk the same route day in, day out, I relish the time to think about the day ahead or reflect on life on my way home. As well as being good for me mentally and emotionally, it’s pleasing to know that I’m giving my body a gentle workout; my bones will be benefitting from the weight bearing exercise, blood will be circulating well to my brain, heart and limbs and my joints are kept mobile.

To be unable to walk is a great handicap but those of us who can enjoy this most natural form of exercise can benefit from being reminded of the adage ‘use it or lose it’!

Lots of research shows the benefits of walking... see the graphic below which is taken from an American organisation (www.everybodywalk.org) which promotes the health benefits of walking.



So put on a decent pair of shoes (not stilettos nor totally flat ballet pumps but ones which fit correctly, support your feet and have a non rigid sole and arch support or cushioning) and get out there either on your own or with a friend. It’s a brilliant way to catch up with people; conversation just flows with nature and beauty around and your legs will just do their thing as you chat. Or simply incorporate more walking into your daily life. (I’m working on trying out business meetings on the hoof....not sure it will suit treating patients though..... !). I'll be talking more about walking in later blogs.

If your back, hips, knees or feet are troubling you and preventing you walking easily then consider booking yourself in for a session at the Osteopathic Health Centre so that we can establish what the problem is and help to ease things for you.

Happy Walking!